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editing of texts in English

Well, Hello There!

Are you a student, on a training course, in employment, running a business,
seeking work?

Are you unsure about your presentation, text, CV, job application?
Do you need help with your English or maybe with German?

Fear not, help is at hand!

I will proofread, edit, correct your texts and help you make a good
impression on your supervisor, prospective, actual employer or client.
• Swift and Accurate Service
• Competitive Rates
• Reliable and Trustworthy

I also translate from English into German or German into English.
Please refer to my or my German business partner’s website
for more information!

email for a quote !

I look forward to working with you and being of assistance!

Contact: proofreading & editing
Rosie Pinhorn

Contact: Korrekturlesen & Lektorat


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