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aus der Rubrik in vom Freitag, 16. Februar 2018, 09:29 Uhr
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Proofreading in ENGLISH / Translation DE>EN

Ph.D. candidate and NATIVE SPEAKER OF ENGLISH (B.A. in English Literature) offers proofreading and editing services in ENGLISH (e.g. Master's theses, doctoral dissertations, journal articles and conference papers, CVs, cover letters, etc.).

I have extensive experience proofreading and copyediting academic texts (especially in the humanities and social sciences), including for publication.

My work is characterized by thoroughness, accuracy and attention to detail and is carried out and delivered in a reliable and timely manner.

Prices 2,00 – 4,50 € per standard page (1800 characters); minimum charge 45 €

Do you have a scholarly article or other academic document that you would like to have translated into English? I offer academic TRANSLATION services from German INTO ENGLISH.

I welcome translation work in the humanities and social sciences and am open to considering texts in other domains as well. Some areas of particular interest include: literature, linguistics (including language teaching), history (including church/religious history), history of ideas.

Please note that in order to translate a work that is a prerequisite for passing a course or for obtaining an academic degree, etc., written permission from your instructor/supervisor will be required.

Please contact me for a quote.


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