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Seeking English teachers for children aged 3-6

Seeking English teachers for Kids aged 3-6

We are looking for long term English-language teachers for children aged 3-6. You are:

- motivated and ready to learn

- have fun working with children

- creative and have fun researching and putting things together

An advantage is of course experience with children, children’s groups, and teaching, but what is critical for us is rather the trial lesson and your pronunciation, which must be flawless, as must be your English use itself.

An important criterion will be whether you are open, spontaneously creative, and fun. You will take over a group of 6-8 children, whose attention you must hold for 45 minutes. Here you must speak mainly English and incorporate changing exercises, games, and singing. We look forward to showing you the ropes. You can sit in on classes as long as you need to feel confident. Beyond that, there is a great deal of material, books, and prepared lessons available.

Normally your pronunciation will be good enough if you are a native speaker or you have spent time in an English-speaking area when you were young. Please don’t apply if you have a German accent. Please understand that our first call is just to check your English.

Please apply only if you can a make a long-term commitment. The courses usually take place between 12:45 and 16:00.

We are looking for substitute teachers to spontaneously take over single hours, or who can take over an entire course independently. Please let us know what suits you best. Our current openings are classes monday, tuesday and wednesday afternoon.

This job is not a full time job. You will work as an independent contractor on a fee or commission basis.

Beyond your contact information (not to be forgotten), you may indicate in your application whether you will be traveling by car, rail, or bike, and where you live, which is important for figuring out your travel time.

Again: Do not forget to provide your complete contact information. In general, only applications that address all questions (mobility) will receive responses.

Your application may be free-form, but must include a photo and salary requirements. It may be sent to our Email address. We encurage you to call us with any questions. The ad is current as long as it is on-line.

Please contact us at or by e-mail, info at bunte dash sprachkiste dot de.
The position(s) is open immediately.

Kontakt: 0176 46506108



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