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professional guitar lessons (english)

hello, dear musicians and creatives in leipzig west! we just moved here and my boyfriend will continue his work with private students (on guitar, music theory, composition, music production) as he did in the past years in holland, where we lived before we came here.

he is a 28-year-old guitarist from the independent music scene in Istanbul, where he played with many bands & did his BA in composition. then he moved to the netherlands for his MA in music design. besides playing big shows (such as wildeburg & dekmantel festival) + being a session musician for productions he is working with private students on the following subjects:

styles: funk, jazz, rock, pop, country
- picking techniques on acoustic guitar: finger picking, flat picking, chicken picking, ..
- thumbpick usage
- electric guitar + improvisation
- basic music theory
- composition/ music production

trial lesson (30min): 10€
regular lesson (30min): 15€
lower price with a contract/ monthly payment :)

he usually sets up the specific schedule according to what his students want to achieve. if this caught your interest, you can contact him on whatsapp (+31687218281) or via mail ( to arrange a trial lesson & talk about your goals.

ps: I'm writing this because I just discovered this platform & got excited about it ;) have a nice day!

Kontakt: +31687218281



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