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As a professional Opera and Soul singer, I offer singing lessons and voice coaching to anyone who wants to improve their singing from beginners to advanced students.

After ten years of studies in conservatory and technical research with several renowned teachers and artists, I have acquired artistic knowledge and a range of teaching tools in the lyrical and belting technics that I will adapt to your specific needs.

Whatever your level is and what you wish to sing, I will support you in experiencing the pleasure of singing what you love.

Through my training and profession as a singer, I have an extensive stage experience, and therefore of managing stage fright during a performance.

I offer singing classes in English, French and Spanish and I believe that improvement only takes place in an cheerful atmosphere !

The usual cost is 25euros /h
(can be discuss for students or for a package).

Looking forward to hear you,

Contact : annevictoriaa@live.fr

Kontakt: 0033 6 71 27 82 36

E-Mail: annevictoriaa@live.fr

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