Travel Talk - A Travelers' Meetup Event

aus der Rubrik in vom Mittwoch, 08. Januar 2020, 12:58 Uhr

Join our first Traveler's Meetup in Berlin!

Hey globetrotter🌏

We are on a mission to reach out to every single individual in the world who wants to connect with other like-minded travellers.

We have already created a strong community with more than 125,000 travel addicts 🥳 ...and we are not thinking about stopping!

Let's get together, meet each other, have a drink (or two 😁) and talk about our travel experiences, tips and stories. And who knows - maybe we will make new travel plans together?

The idea is simple- "Let's get to know each other" 🎉

See you!
Anna & Priyanka from your JoinMyTrip-Team 🤝

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