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Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course (in English)

aus der Rubrik in vom Samstag, 12. September 2020, 14:53 Uhr

Do you feel overwhelmed with live? Get stressed often or severely, or cannot stop thinking about your worries? Perhaps you would like to slow down and savour your life, but you do not know how?

This course may be a good start towards the change you wish! :)

MBSR course is a secular, evidence-based, 8-week long programme, where you will learn among others:
• To deal with stress and emotionally difficult situations
• To recognize your needs and response to them with kindness
• To live consciously rather than automatically, fully in every moment
• To find peace of heart regardless from the situation

With a set of simple exercises (including meditation and mindful yoga practice) as well as structured home assignments in a supportive atmosphere you will build your skillset in practice, which will benefit you long after the course is finished!

As far as the situation allows, classes will take place in presence in nearby Lindenauer Markt, respecting all the measures to prevent COVID-19 infections. In case of need, we may move to the online mode to keep everybody safe.

If you are interested in the course or have any questions – feel welcome to email me!

Price: donation based (recommended donation: 5€/h, i.e. 150€ for the whole course)

Kontakt: +49 1573 54 91 665

E-Mail: katarzyna.gugnowska@gmail.com

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