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Schönes 26m² Zimmer in 2er-Berufstätigen-WG in Südvorstadt

aus der Rubrik in vom Samstag, 20. Februar 2021, 18:40 Uhr

Hey folks!
I am looking for a new flatmate (m/f). The room is available from 1st of may and you should plan to live here for at least 1 year (it is not limited). Except from the quiet 26 m² individual room with a beautiful loggia, the rest of the flat is mostly furnished (in total 100 m²). In the center is a spacious living room with parquet and a big couch for nice evenings with friends. The kitchen is fully equipped and there is also a washing machine in the basement. From the small balcony you have a nice view on the green Fockeberg. The Südvorstadt is in my opinion one of the best spots in Leipzig. It's perfect for walks along the Karli or cycling to the lakes and also has a good connection to the autobahn.
I'm a working professional (35/m/single) and willing to lend a hand in the difficulties of living abroad. If you are interested I can help you in getting to know my hometown.

The rent will be 603€ per month. Wifi (50 MBit/s), GEZ and electricity are paid additionally and shared between us (currently (94)/2=47 € per month).
So the overall price will be at 650€ per month. In my opinion it's worth it.

Write me a mail if you'd like to visit!

E-Mail: hoffmani@arcor.de

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