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proofreading & editing

aus der Rubrik vom Dienstag, 31. August 2021, 15:02 Uhr

Are you a student, on a training course, in employment, running a business,
seeking work?
Are you unsure about your presentation, text, CV, job application?
Do you need help with your English?

Fear not, help is at hand! 😃

I will proofread, edit, correct your texts and help you make a good
impression on your supervisor, prospective, actual employer or client.
• Swift and Accurate Service
• Competitive Rates
• Reliable and Trustworthy

With years of language training behind me, I specialise in making sure that texts - private, business, academic or fictional writing - composed by non-native speakers of the English language sound like the genuine article.
One service I offer is proofreading, in which I concentrate on spelling and punctuation.
Alternatively I offer an editing service, in which I will correct the above, as well as grammar, style and sentence structure. I will take particular care that you do not fall into the trap of 'false friends'. Lastly I will ensure that your text sounds and reads English.

🔍 I will read your texts, essays, dissertations, letters, proposals … whatever written work you need to produce for your studies or your career.
✔️ I will correct your spelling mistakes or punctuation.
🖋 I will edit your texts to professional standard, concentrating on grammar, style and sentence structure.
📤 I deliver, so you can impress your present or future employer, colleagues, clients or fellow academics.

Contact me for a quote

E-Mail: rosie.pinhorn@btinternet.com

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