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Quiet Room Reudnitz for Veggie/Vegan

aus der Rubrik in vom Montag, 10. Januar 2022, 12:46 Uhr

Room is available immediately. Please contact me to arrange a viewing.



The room is quite but not so sunny. The window is facing the backyard/garden of the building.
250€ warm ( electricity, wifi, water etc.)

Would be nice if you would take over the furniture for 150€.

- high bed
- couch
- closet
- big mirror
- table

Let us know. :)


Very central location: 1min to tram station (Gerichtsweg), less than 5min to the city center by tram (2 stops) 15min-20min to the city center on foot, depends on how fast you can walk.
Study: in 10 min you could reach the main Uni Campus, medical school also walkable distance.
Shopping: Kaufland is a few minutes away on foot, and Rewe is even closer.

Flatmates: You would be living with
two people as roomies! We respect and help each other and look for a grown up who is considerate, responsible and likes to keep things clean. This is definitely not a party wg and is very suited for an introvert :)
We both have our own lives, which can get busy, but having a laugh together in the kitchen is fun!
We are an international group and English would be our language of communication.

PS! We are both vegetarian/vegan and would love to keep the apartment meat-free, so vegetarians/vegans are definitely preferred.


If your interested please tell us about yourself and write a message here on WG-GESUCHT. We will answer you as fast as possible.

E-Mail: greg.cefai@gmail.com

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