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Is anyone here interested in lodging me in exchange of some work

aus der Rubrik vom Samstag, 14. Mai 2022, 22:37 Uhr

Hello my friends,

My name is Jordan and I am looking for someone preferably in Leipzig interested in hosting me for some weeks in exchange of some house work, like cleaning, cooking, shopping groceries, but I am also a graphic designer and copywriter. I can help you by writing content for blogs, social media, creating designs for Pinterest or Instagram and even editing video and music.

I'm a music producer, I like techno and house. But I don't have equipment, only if you have the equipment I can help with video editing, music editing and even music mastering. I am a digital nomad writing a blog about holistic health and spirituality. A vegetarian guy who practices meditation every day into healthy live style, dance music and festivals. I hope someone here can help me and even better if I can have some food as well for my work. I am clean, positive, peaceful and a non-smoker.

If you are interested feel free to contact me in WhatsApp or by email.

Thank you !

Kontakt: +4915771513801

E-Mail: pranachy@protonmail.com

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